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Usually, we see that all people are looking one way or another for tranquility and peace and psychological comfort, and some are looking for the exercise of any outside activity, so that he goes to travel from one place to another, or to move from companionship to other companionship, but all of what he is doing these is the change of venue only, but when you come to us we will find a different situation.
We are defined by our unique location at Prince Majed Street the second intersection. Diamond Suites welcomes you to one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Diamond Suites choose their location to be in the heart of South Al-Khobar, one of the newest condominiums furnished and is located next to the Al-Khobar police station besides the scientific library and recreational facilities, it is an ideal location eastern heart of the Kingdom, close to shopping, banks, restaurants and art and entertainment and exhibition centers.

Featuring 21 suites, 42 spacious rooms designed with all the luxuries in mind. Where rooms are equipped with a system for managing the room, and LCD TVs measuring 40 inches, large safes, high-speed wireless Internet access, and IP phones.



Unforgettable Experience

Stay with us and taste the unique diverse winning drinks, have fun or relax in the comfortable atmosphere of the units. Plans to stay in Diamond Suites with flawless luxury luxury to experience a first-class category.

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Unique Location

Outstanding location in one of the most important major cultural centers in the Middle East. Diamond Suites invites you to enjoy the real beauty of this city.
Includes 21 suites and 42 rooms in each branch; in order for the guest to find comfort in one place and enjoy the comfortable, stylish suites to provide you with the luxury you deserv, we are preparing to meet you where you can enjoy the wonderful cuisine or relax at the spa or a luxurious pool.



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P.O.Box 2846 - Al-Khobar 31952 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Prince Turki Road - (Cornish) Behind elementary school

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24 Hours
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Tel. +966 13 8022511
Tel. +966 13 8023110

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